A beautiful replacement for the traditional

Pop-ups easy, cute, and fresh.

alert ( "Oops, something went wrong!" )
ical ( "Oops" ,  "Something went wrong!" ,  "error" )

Getting started

After importing the files into your application (Add the folder that you downloaded to your project).

you can call the ical function (make sure it's called after the DOM has loaded!)

(make sure that the icons folder is next to the IconAlert.js then reference it as any other script)

ical (  "Hello world!" )

And with a third argument, you can add an icon to your alert! There are 5 predefined ones: "warning", "error", "success", "info" and "delete".

Icons for every occasion

ical ( "Success" ,  "Finished process!" ,  "success" )
ical ( "Info" ,  "General information!" ,  "info" )
ical ( "Warning" ,  "requires attention!" ,  "warning" )
ical ( "Oops" ,  "Finished process!" ,  "error" )
ical ( "Oops" ,  "The file was deleted!" ,  "delete" )